Humanity In Healthcare – Engaging Your Audience With The Power Of A Story

Humanity In Healthcare – Engaging Your Audience With The Power Of A Story

Humanity In Healthcare – Engaging Your Audience With The Power Of A Story

“He absolutely changed my life.”

“Without her care, I would not be here today.”

“One of the best things about my physician is his bedside manner. He truly cares about his patients. It’s just amazing.”

“My doctor provided me with the best care I have ever had, and I’ve been through a lot over the years. I really believe I’m still here because of him. I wish he could treat everything! He’s a wonderful, caring doctor.”


In healthcare marketing, the art of storytelling is one of the most valuable tools marketers have to reach customers and put a persona on a clinical brand. Patient testimonials and first-person experiences bring hospitals and healthcare organizations to life through the words of someone who has really been there – the patient.

And, let’s face it – who doesn’t love a good story?

Healthcare as an industry is about people – the staff who provide the care and the patients and loved ones whose lives have been changed by them. But not just any story will do. Patient testimonials should be real. They should be motivating. And most of all, they should be compelling. So, when the time comes for Jack to find a new primary care physician, he’ll remember the story he read about Jill and her great experience with her practitioner. The art of the story is making that personal connection.

Highlight the People Who Care, Comfort and Heal

In writing patient testimonials and telling the stories about compassion and humanity in the healthcare setting, I’m constantly amazed at how many individuals will end their story with, “So and so has changed my life.”  Most of the patients and families I have talked to over the years never mentioned the million dollar piece of technology employed during their cancer treatment or the minimally invasive technique used during their surgery. They talk about the people who cared for them, comforted them, and healed them.

We all want to feel connected to someone or something. And, in establishing your healthcare brand, it’s important not to underestimate the power of the human story.

How are you using the power of the story to reach your healthcare audience?  

Lisa Schwartz is Principal at Schwartz Writing & Communications, LLC, a content development and communications firm that focuses on creative and targeted content strategies, particularly for the healthcare industry. 

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