Is Content Really That Important in a Website Redesign?

Is Content Really That Important in a Website Redesign?

Is Content Really That Important in a Website Redesign?

I’ve had some interesting conversations with several colleagues recently about how clients are willing to spend their marketing dollars for fabulous new websites, yet when it comes to the content of the new sites, they decide to skimp. One web designer recently shared with me that her client said they’d handle the copywriting in-house, and when their beautiful, redesigned website launched, the copy fell flat. “Many companies are failing to recognize the importance of great content when going through the redesign process,” she told me.

Interesting. But not surprising.

Yet another web design friend echoed this frustration. Her agency designed a dynamic website for a client and suggested bringing in a professional copywriter to bring the design to life. The client, however, balked at the idea and had their small in-house marketing team piece together copy that was less than stellar. In the end, the client had a beautifully designed website filled with content that failed to connect with or convert its audience.

Which leads me to wonder, how important is content? Simply put, very.

4 Ways a Professional Copywriter Elevates A Web Design Project

  1. A good copywriter creates a content strategy that connects and makes an impact on the website’s visitors. The content strategy should be considered just as much as the design and functionality of a website. A well-crafted content strategy will complement the web design for an effective user experience. Some of the best websites I’ve written are the ones where I’ve been involved from the first strategy session to the final review. Why? Because I was able to immerse myself in the company’s mission, understand their business goals and their audience, get a real feel for their genuine voice, and take the user through the journey seamlessly.
  2. Experienced copywriters understand how to write for a specific audience, whether that means punchy headlines and pithy captions or well-researched and comprehensive educational content. Web copy should speak to those who will be utilizing your website to ensure that visitors have a reason to stay or return to your site.
“Not every copywriter knows marketing and not every marketing professional is a good copywriter.”
  1. Not every copywriter knows marketing and not every marketing professional is a good copywriter. Every website is about communicating a message, brand, and voice to your audience. Working with a writer who is a strong, experienced writer with a marketing background will typically deliver the most effective web copy that works in tandem with the design strategy and connects with the customer on a deeper level.
  2. The right copywriter knows that great messaging works in harmony with a dynamic design. Why spend hours designing a beautiful site if the content doesn’t reflect the image?

What has been your experience with the website design or re-design process? Has content strategy and development been at the forefront of your project? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Lisa Schwartz is Principal and chief copywriter at Schwartz Writing & Communications. Lisa’s goal is to create engaging copy that increases brand awareness and helps busy business owners, marketing teams, and organizations fill every blank page with just the right content.

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