Fill That Blank Page With Just The Right Content

Effective tips for writing for the web

Fill That Blank Page With Just The Right Content


Great web content is more important than ever to build relationships between your customers and your business. But where do you start when you’re staring down a blank page that needs to be filled with just the right words?

Consumers are looking to engage and be engaged, and content marketing is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with and trust in your brand. People are online looking for answers and relevant information from a reliable source. With strong writing that keeps the audience in mind, that source will be you.

Get Down to it: Tips for Effective Web Content

  1. Know your AUDIENCE. Before you even begin the content development process, you must know who you are writing for. Once you identify your target audience you can provide the information they are looking for on your website, blog, social media and marketing materials.
  2. Create a STRATEGY. Now, it’s time to make an editorial plan. You should know what you want to say on your website, who you are saying it to, why you are saying it, and your intended outcome. Taking the time to create well thought out editorial plans, content calendars and production timelines for all of the messages you’ll be distributing throughout the quarter or the year will help you align your marketing tactics and create consistent and relevant communications.
  3. Do your RESEARCH. It’s a good idea to do some keyword research to understand what people are searching for in your industry. Take these keywords and phrases and incorporate them into your writing to help ensure your content is found.
  4. Be AUTHENTIC. Websites that have copy stuffed with keywords for the sake of ranking in searches will sound fake and forced. The best website content and blogs have keywords incorporated naturally so the writing flows and sounds authentic.
  5. Keep it REAL. Forgo the industry jargon and create content that is relatable. Quality counts. Writing for the sake of putting words on a webpage won’t be of any value. Provide your audience with the information they are seeking to keep them coming back to you as a trusted source and industry expert. Try addressing your readers as “you” to make your interaction more personal.
  6. Make your web content SCANABLE. Writing for the web is different than writing for print. People want a quick read when on a website and often scan a web page for only a few seconds. Consider using:
    • Catchy headlines that bring people into the copy.
    • An introduction that quickly captures your main message.
    • Bulleted lists.
    • Bold sub headlines to bring the reader’s eyes further down the page to other important points you want them to know.
    • Include a call to action – and make it BOLD!

By creating and sharing great online content, you’ll not only build brand awareness, you will set your organization apart as the thought leader in your industry. Trust. Value. Relationships. Credibility.  This is what attracts customers and keeps them coming back to you for more.

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Lisa Schwartz is Principal at Schwartz Writing & Communications, LLC, a content development and communications firm that focuses on creative and targeted content strategies. Lisa’s goal is to create engaging copy that increases brand awareness. From websites, blogs, e-newsletters and social content, to copywriting for newsletters, annual reports, marketing collateral materials and much more, Schwartz Writing & Communications is the go-to content development resource for businesses and healthcare organizations small and large.

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